Organic fermented sourdough made by hand for my community.

Seven years ago I began caring for my sourdough starter. I fell in love with the ritualistic feed that began my mornings, letting my hands learn the movement of correct shaping, and hearing the crackle of the cooling loaves. 

An added bonus, the 36-hour fermentation process encourages gut health and happiness.

  • The wild yeast in the levain pre-digests the flour, which releases micronutrients and can reduce bloating/discomfort.
  • Rye flour is used in my levain which takes longer to digest and helps to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Sourdough is a prebiotic and also boosts Lysine, acting as a complete protein. 

My bread shed is a special little building on our property outfitted with a bakery style kitchen, kept contaminate free and clad with wood from our 200 year old barn. Just like the bread itself, this place was made by our hands.